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  • Young and Ambitious

    General Power Generator with John Deere Industrial Engine on Jobsite

    General Power is a small company with big plans.

    After more than a decade serving as a distributor in the power generation market, the company and its 30 employees began manufacturing GENPOWERUSA generator sets. In just two years, General Power introduced a line of stationary-emergency generator sets, a line of completely customizable mobile generator sets, and most recently a robust line of rental generators.

    "Our supply chain partners are often surprised by the size of our very lean team and the youth of our organization in relation to our achievements, especially since many of our partners met us just over 10 years ago when we were a one-man operation," explains Gabriel Lopez, Director for General Power.

    Built to order

    All three lines of generator sets share common components and are built as modules, which allows General Power to quickly assemble them to customer specifications.

    John Deere industrial engines are at the core of this modular design and drive every power node from 30 to 500 kWe. "From inception, we very specifically decided to adopt the entire range of John Deere generator-drive engines, from 2.9L to 13.5L engines," says Lopez. 

    General Power sources its John Deere engines from its engine distributor, Flint Power Systems. "The engineering support that we receive from our John Deere account manager is excellent," says Lopez. 

    A customized partnership

    Flint Power Systems assembles the industrial engine and cooling package as one module, with the aftertreatment package as a separate module."Flint Power's design features the aftertreatment device on top of the engine," says Lopez. "When their traditional design didn’t fit the exact needs of one of our prospects interested in buying our 280-kWe generator set, they completely re-engineered the package in record time."

    General Power has the option to purchase a John Deere engine in any configuration, whether it’s a bare engine or a complete power unit. "Flint Power allows us to choose exactly what we need on a case-by-case basis. This level of flexibility and immediate support creates great synergy between our companies," explains Lopez.

    A global reputation

    GENPOWERUSA generator sets are shipped globally and have worked in a wide variety of applications. The generators sets have gone to disaster-stricken areas of the Caribbean, dozens of mobile and prime power applications across the U.S., and to one of the top 10 largest equipment rental companies in the country. More recently, 300 generator sets were shipped to Venezuela to support the dire conditions of the country's electrical grid.

    Lopez says John Deere makes it possible for a small company to accomplish big things.

    "The Flint Power team has been supportive of us from day one. We have a lot to thank them for, because not only were we a brand-new OEM, but we were also brand new to Tier 4 Final engine. They educated us from the ground up, and their responsiveness is unique and unlike anything that I've ever been exposed to."

    They educated us from the ground up, and their responsiveness is unique and unlike anything that I’ve ever been exposed to.

    Gabriel Lopez
    Director, General Power